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Matterport Scanning Services
Create a Virtual Floor Plan of your Home
Our service that can quickly 3d scan building interiors and create a highly impactful and also immersive experience that is the closest thing to being in the actual property yourself. The end user can easily navigate through the space looking in any direction they like and gain a deep understanding of the environment they are browsing. The business use for Matterport 3d Scanning has revolutionised the housing marketing in the US

The scanning process is quick taking half a day for a normal 3 bed Apartment or office dept. This scan is then quickly edited and processed and is then available to view normally within 5 hours of visiting the site to perform the scan. The 3d immersive scan is then simply hosted online and can be added to a website and works just as well on desktop computer, table and even your mobile. It could be viewed on a VR headsets as well such as Oculus or Samsung Gear VR taking the experience to a whole new level.

Matterport Scanning Services

Get amazing 3D visuals of your home for varied purposes

Schematic Floor Plans
High Definition Photos
Guided Tours

Benefits of Matterport Scanning Services

Digitalize the inside of your home

Schematic floor plans for square footage and measurements

Send files to contractors, realtors or interior designers

Additional documentation for your insurance company

Launch Bathroom Calculator

Matterport Scanning Service

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We help you put together a collection of 3D and 2D scans that will serve a wide variety of purposes, now and in the future


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